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Main mistakes in wall painting

If during the repair you have to paint the walls, consider all the pitfalls of independent work – so that in the end it does not turn out that the surface is painted unevenly, and the paint has turned into a lump. And if you are worried about the result and are not confident in your abilities, then you should seek help from interiorpainter.ca.

Painting unprepared walls

Small defects, dust, grains of sand, lint from the brush during the previous painting may be under the paint and negatively affect the result. Under a layer of paint, all the flaws will be visible – it will remain either to accept, or to clean the wall and paint again. And possible greasy spots will appear, no matter how many layers you cover the surface. Defects will be especially noticeable if you use glossy paint.

Incorrectly diluted paint

The paint can be too thick in consistency or it becomes so in the course of work. Then it needs to be diluted – this is an intuitive action. But what to dilute is already a question that can spoil both the material and the whole work. For example, if a water-dispersion paint is diluted with white spirit, it will cause polymers to stick together. If you paint a wall with such a composition, the result will be of poor quality – disappointment is inevitable: the paint will fall unevenly, maybe even in lumps. If, on the contrary, the oil paint is diluted with water, it simply will not mix with the bulk.

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