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Black Shower Screens & Mirrors

To get the best idea for your bathroom, consider the products of Creative Glass Studio. That is a design manufacturer located in London, working with glass as the basic material to build shower enclosures. Go to their website to find more details – https://creativeglassstudio.co.uk/bespoke-shower-enclosures/crittall-showers/.

Why do you need a black-framed shower screen?

The black-framed shower screen looks stylish. This structure is aimed at creating a protected wet area in the bathroom. Commonly, the shower enclosure consists of walls and doors made of glass panels. These elements keep water inside and decrease the room’s humidity level. There are walk-in options too. However, they do not prevent water from flooding the outside entirely and do not keep the warmth inside. Any variation can be framed or frameless.

The company provides its own designs and accepts the customers’ concepts to build unique cabins. They can be rectangular, square, next to a bath or a half-wall, and made as a pentagon shower. The choice depends on the floor area and layout planning of the bathroom. Here we consider black-framed cabins.

Types of black-framed shower doors

A black-framed shower enclosure can be equipped with the following door entry systems:

  1. Sliding shower doors save space. They are used in small rooms. The door leaf comprises two or more glass panels framed with a black profile or unframed. There are sliding tracks that provide smooth sliding. Maintenance of such construction can be more complicated.
  2. Hinged shower doors require space for opening. They are used in larger rooms, installed, framed with a black profile or unframed.

The defining feature of Creative Glass Studio is a combination of glass and black bars and/or black fittings. Fixtures and handles can be made on a by-order basis. There are components with chrome/nickel plating or anodized finishes to match other options like brass or bronze. Any construction is durable and reliable. Only environmentally-safe materials are used. The glass is covered with an innovative coating that makes it easy to clean the surface of contaminants.

Image by https://creativeglassstudio.co.uk

Types of glass used

Creative Glass Studio works with the following types of glass:

  • regular – it comes with a clear, transparent surface without any effects. It has a greenish tint, as it contains iron oxide.
  • optiwhite – it comes with purer clarity as it contains less iron.
  • frosted – it comes with a rough surface on one side of the glass pane. There are panels with full and partial frosting.
  • reeded – it is known as fluted glass, which is obscure. It comes with vertical ribs providing higher privacy added to a crittall style.
  • laminated – it comes with a couple of glass panes and fabrics, mesh, or other layers between them – all layers are glued together, providing a unique look.
  • coloured – hundreds of colours might be achieved with laminating process;
  • tinted – it is a grey/bronze tinted glass.

Offer from a manufacturer

There are three key ready-to-use concepts of the company. A black-framed shower screen is made with a black perimeter. The colour stands in stark contrast with any interior. A grid shower screen is divided into more segments compared to the above construction. The intensive segmentation adds more contrast to the interior. And at last, a frame can be abandoned in favour of a complete glass structure designed with black fittings. Any design looks stylish. The producer suggests that a customer choose various options like an industrial-style mirror, lights incorporated in the frame, an aged brass finish, and a hinged shower door with any direction of opening (inward, outward or both ways).

Image by https://creativeglassstudio.co.uk

Advantages of Creative Glass Studio

The producer provides customers with:

  • production of custom products regardless of the difficulty level;
  • professional installation service included in the price;
  • high quality of glass and the diversity of its types;
  • 3 weeks’ current production lead time;
  • detailed 3D product sketches based on photos of the bathroom (included in the price);
  • quick response to any customer’s inquiry within the next working day.

Creative Glass Studio is located in London. Their key purpose is to combine functionality and stylish design. They have over 20 years of experience in producing and installing bespoke shower enclosures, mirrors, and glass balustrades. Both individual and corporate customers are invited to enjoy their products. The company cooperates with architects and contractors. Go to their website – https://creativeglassstudio.co.uk/bespoke-shower-enclosures/crittall-showers/ to ensure their competency and creativity.

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