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How to Stop Foxes Pooping in Your Garden in the UK

If you have a house or plot where you grow different crops and keep livestock, you may be visited by a fox. These animals can spoil flower beds and poo on the lawn, which is not very pleasant to clean every day. The activity of this animal can bring you a lot of trouble and problems.

How to catch a fox

How to catch a fox
Image by Shingo_No from Pixabay

If the animal is still in the habit of going to the toilet on your site, you can catch it with a trap box. The trap should be placed where you most often saw the fox. The trap fits the traditional, square or rectangular shape and is large enough for the animal. Outwardly, it looks like an elongated rectangular box with an opening door on one or two sides. A bait is placed inside the trap, which is placed on a special pedal. The pedal lowers the door and after it is released, the door closes abruptly.

Getting rid of the captured fox

Getting rid of the captured fox
Image by Thomas Wilken from Pixabay

If your fox is trapped in a healthy state without any injuries or damage, it should be released into the forest away from your garden plot. Thus, you will not cause any harm to the animal and get rid of it. Place the trap door away from you and open it. After the animal leaves the trap, it will be overexcited and may be aggressive, but this happens quite rarely.

It should not be forgotten that foxes in the UK are frequent carriers of various diseases, including rabies. In the event of a bite or other injury inflicted on you or your pets by a fox, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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