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How To Choose A Dining Table

From ancient times to the present day, the dining table is associated with hospitality, well-being and prosperity, home comfort. Experts from utopiahome.com.au are sure that this is a familiar, traditional piece of furniture, which is difficult to do without. How to choose one?


Ideally, all family members, including small children, should fit freely behind it. The calculation of the parameters of rectangular, square and triangular tables is simple:

  • each person needs 60 cm of the length of the countertop, plus 10-20 cm – along the edges of the countertop with corners;
  • depth – 40 cm .

Countertop design

The design imagination and individual wishes of consumers often take the most bizarre forms. You can find options in the form of polygons, stars, abstract shapes. It also happens that classic models are not suitable for a specific layout, and the owners are forced to order furniture by their own standards.


The countertop coating should not react sharply to spilled water and other liquids, be susceptible to hot plates or chilled foods, minor mechanical influences. It is also not afraid of household chemicals, rare and coloring fruit and vegetable juices. It is easy to care for, and retains its appearance for a long time.

Place for dining table

If there is a significant lack of space, it is placed at the window or at the entrance to the kitchen or dining room. The corner located between the window and the adjacent wall looks the most cozy as a dining area. A dining group in the center looks great in a spacious living room or a separate dining room.


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