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When your door is hopelessly locked

Almost every person at least once in his life had such a story: loss of keys, slamming of the door, the key breaking in the lock and the inability to open it. It also happens when the children have closed the apartment from the inside and there is no way to get into it. Breaking down the door is not the best solution, especially if it is armored. If you try to open the lock yourself, you will damage it and will need to look for the lock and the one who will install it again. In this case, an emergency door unlock near me will come to the rescue.

Special services

In addition to the owner of the apartment, some services have a right to open doors without a key:

Federal Rescue Service has a right to open doors only in case of an emergency. This may be flooding, fire, gas leakage, ie. the reasons must be very serious with a threat to property, people’s lives. In this case, the opening takes place in the presence of witnesses and usually the police by breaking the lock or knocking out the door. Federal Rescue Service can carry out an emergency opening of doors if an elderly person or a child remains locked inside, but this requires documents (passport) and witnesses. Most often, they cut the door off the hinges or break the window so that the apartment can be opened from the inside.

The emergency door opening service operates in a completely different way. Their goal is to quickly and accurately open the lock without damaging it. If the locking device is damaged, then the specialists will install a new lock. Security functions of the door will be saved or restored. So, if there is no threat to people’s lives, it is worth contacting such services.


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