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6 Unexpected Ways to Use Bottle Stands

The bottle stand can be used both for its intended purpose, that is, for bottles of wine, and for organizing and restoring order in your rooms. If you have an alcohol stand gathering dust, turn it into a useful thing for the house — with the help of some tips for different rooms.

  1. In the kitchen: mini-garden

To make a wall-mounted herb garden from an ordinary wine rack is elementary: you just need to place pots with succulents or useful herbs like parsley or dill in the recesses.

  1. In the bathroom: shampoo stand

Girls are perfectly familiar with the problem of storing countless containers of shampoos and lotions. A simple metal bottle stand will easily solve this problem.

In the bathroom
Image by Anna Lisa from Pixabay
  1. In the creative workshop: a thread locker

An ordinary wine cabinet made of wood is convenient to use if you are fond of embroidery or knitting. It will allow you to group threads, yarn and other small things by colours or types. A real find for lovers of systematization.

  1. In the office: office organizer

A shelf with compartments for wine bottles can serve as a cabinet for documents and stationery in a home office. On the shelf — papers, in compartments — pencils, pens and other small things.

  1. In the living room: magazine stand

Such a homeware items made of forged metal will accommodate several fresh newspapers and magazines and decorate any living room. If you paint it in an interesting shade, it will become even more charming

living room
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
  1. In the hallway: shoe rack

If you have one or two large wine stands (well, what if?), use them for the most practical purposes — make shoes in them. An additional advantage of such a shoe rack is that in rainy weather it also becomes a dryer.

As you can see, you can use the wine rack as soon as you want. Don’t limit your imagination.

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