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Which Night Light In the Bedroom is Better to Choose?

Night lights are relevant for both children and adults. Firstly, they are a means of security that illuminate stairs and other potential obstacles. Night lights can also be useful for children who are afraid of the dark. In addition to bedrooms, night lights can be used in other rooms.

Types of night lights

Types of night lights
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Night lights come in various shapes and sizes and with different options. The most common types are plugged into sockets. There are options that are powered via USB, so it is not necessary to connect to the network. In addition, many of them are presented in the form of toys that special made for children.

The most modern models have extensive functionality. For example, Qivation Company performs the function of not only a night light, but also wireless charging and air purifier. Having such a night light, you cannot spend money on buying a wireless charger or an air purifier.


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Historically, night lights were operated manually with a switch. Some manufactured models are equipped with sensors that automatically activate depending on the illumination of the room, and motion sensors that activate the night light when it feels movements nearby. In other types, there is a sleep timer that turns on the night light after an incident of a given time.

What to pay attention to when choosing

Experts recommend: when choosing, pay attention to the smell, especially when it comes to plastic models. If a sharp, chemical “aroma” comes from the product, or an unpleasant smell appears when heated, then the manufacturer has decided to save on the health of consumers. High-quality plastics do not emit toxins even when strongly heated. The exception is salt lamps: during operation they emit a subtle aroma of sea salt.

Advantages of using a night light

Advantages of using a night light
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Some advantages of using a night light:

  • Minimal sleep disturbance: the best night lights will not prevent you from falling asleep naturally. Most of them use low-light lamps, LEDs, which creates soothing visual images.;
  • Better visibility: when using night lights, the risk of injury at night is reduced, because they illuminate your path without causing irritation due to too bright lighting;
  • Profitability: the use of a night light as the main light source in the bedroom compared to the use of overhead light is very noticeable.

Whichever night light you choose, it should not disturb your night atmosphere, be economical and functional.

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