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Plastic storage boxes

Do you really think that a storage chest is only appropriate in an old house? Today’s outdoor garden storage boxes look very modern. These convenient containers allow you to provide your garden with a perfect storage space.

Your equipment, sports accessories, your kids’ toys and even kitchen stuff will easily fit in the box. The lifting cover, which can be equipped with a lock, will prevent dust, dirt and insects from getting inside. Many models of storage containers are usually made of very durable plastic. Plastic storage boxes for gardens do not deform in the sun or crack from frost, so you can leave the storage chest outside without fear that the contents will be corrupted or spoilt.


Garden storage boxes may vary in shape, size and design. Read the information below and find your Best Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Boxes – Buyer’s Guide. By functionality, they can be classified in the following way:

  • big/small;
  • mobile/stationary;
  • with or without a lid;
  • with or without a lock;
  • with different number of compartments

Stand box

The garden stand box is a stable base with holes. This design can be floor or wall mounted. For instance, you can attache it on the wall of your barn. The garden gear in such a box is inserted into certain grooves. If you plan to move the floor structure, you should choose a model with wheels.


The garden cabinet is a fairly large spacious device in which you can put bulky and oversize equipment (rakes, shovels, choppers, etc.). Its external design is a cabinet with doors. If you pick up a decorated storage cabinet, it will serve as a significant design element of your garden.


The traditional rectangular container, as a rule, may or may not have a top cover. They use it to store inventory.

The interior design may have partitions and hooks. As with the stand, if it is necessary to move the structure, wheels should be installed on the bottom.

Solid boxes with a lid can serve as a garden bench.

Plastic boxes for the garden can be purchased in stores selling garden equipment, as well as on online platforms.


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