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Soil for anthurium

The exotic flower anthurium comes from the tropics. In recent years, it has gained great popularity among amateur flower growers. The flower requires certain conditions for planting and care. Particular attention is paid to making soil mix for anthurium and its constituent components.

Soil requirements for anthurium

The closest substrate suitable for anthurium is soil for orchids. These representatives of the tropical flora come from the same places, and the conditions for their cultivation are largely similar. Both plants prefer well-drained soil that allows moisture and air to reach the roots but does not dry out too quickly.

Ready-made soil mixtures recommended for the orchid and anthurium families:

  • Peat in the composition of the soil gives it the necessary acidity, makes it lighter and more airy, and provides a supply of nutrients.
  • Fragments of sod litter add more porosity, moisture and air permeability to the substrate.
  • Coarse sand provides lightness to the soil and helps to remove excess moisture from the pot, thanks to which the soil retains friability.
  • Leafy soil, consisting of semi-decomposed fallen leaves, loosens the soil mixture, enriches its composition and adds acidity.
  • Sphagnum moss is included in the composition of the soil for exotic plants. It allows you to balance the level of moisture at the roots, disinfects the ground and creates suitable conditions for the adaptation of young plants.
  • Overripe conifer needles are another component that moderately increases acidity, giving lightness and friability to the substrate.
  • The compost mixture, representing decomposed organic matter, makes the soil more saturated in composition.
  • Charcoal perfectly drains the substrate, making its structure more permeable to moisture and oxygen.

All these components can be part of the soil mixture in various proportions. It is on the ratio of the listed elements that it depends on what the quality of the substrate for anthurium will be.

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