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Visit Your Garden On An Electric Scooter

If your scooter riding will not be limited to trips within the city, you can safely purchase the so-called off road electric scooter. The peculiarity of such a scooter is its ability to feel comfortable not only on hard crust road surface, but also on more severe rough terrain.


The designated off-road capabilities of electric scooter are achieved due to a more rigid frame design, large inflatable wheels and high ground clearance. Still, learn about everything in order.

The size of the wheels is from 10 to 20 inches, and the front wheel can be larger than the rear. They have shock-absorbing properties, which allows you to soften the blows during the trip. The structure of such a wheel completely repeats the bicycle wheel (tire, camera, sleeve, spokes). Since most often you will ride off-road, accordingly, full-size wings can be installed on the scooter to protect it from dirt or small stones.

The frame in such scooters is quite strong, as it is solid. Therefore, such models do not have a folding mechanism. The braking system is used the same as on bicycles – V-brake (rim) or disc (very rarely). There is a height adjustment of the steering wheel and in general the steering system is almost completely copied from the bicycle.

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When buying such a scooter, do not forget about such an indicator as the maximum weight. An adult off-road scooter can withstand a load of 100-150 kg.

All Circooter off-road scooters are made of high-strength materials. The main load-bearing elements of the structure, such as the steering wheel, wheels are reinforced with metal: metal rims, handle bar. There is brushless powerful motor, dual shock absorbers design. The main thing is high speed.

Also, do not forget about modern concepts of human development, efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and ideas of absolute mobility everywhere. Thanks to this, electric scooters gain a good reputation outside the city.

Other important features of the electric scooter for off-road

  • The front and rear brakes of the V-brake are responsible for braking, which ensure safe braking even from a very steep hill.
  • The enlarged platform allows you to freely place two legs on the
    scooter at once and enjoy riding a rider with a big weight.
  • The wheels are equipped with promo bearings, and the rims of the scooter are made of high-strength material and are not afraid of corrosion.
  • The handle bar is adjustable in height.

Availability of Intelligent Applet

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This advantage of an electric scooter should be highlighted separately. It allows you to do the following:

  • monitor the speed and condition of the battery;
  • change scooter parameters (top speed, range, battery regenerative capacity, voltage);
  • set the geo position and record the route.

In addition to the main features, the utility also allows you to find nearby owners of the same scooters.

So, if you buy a scooter, it’s better from a trusted supplier.

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