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What kind of paint is used and what is it suitable for

Choosing paint for renovation and interior design is always a difficult task. Also, do not forget about the professional application of this paint. More information at langspainting.com. How to determine which paint you need?

By texture

Texture is chosen according with the surface. It can be smooth, rough, homogeneous or interspersed with other materials. By texture, wall paint is divided into matte, semi-matte, semi-gloss, glossy and textured (for example, imitating plaster).

Now designers most often use matte paint – it looks noble, does not draw too much attention and becomes an excellent background for the interior. However, sometimes semi-matte or glossy paint can be a better choice. Semi-gloss better hides the unevenness of the walls, small flaws and is easier to apply, and the glossy surface is easy to clean.


For interior work, water-based paints are used (vinyl, emulsion, acrylic, latex, silicone), organic solvent (alkyd, oil, enamel) or adhesive.

When choosing, it is best to focus on the room in which you will paint the walls. For example, for a nursery or kitchen, you should choose washable paints that will not emit harmful substances even when heated. Suitable paints are vinyl and latex coating.

For the bathroom, you should take a special moisture-resistant paint. A good choice is silicate, based on liquid glass.

In the bedroom, you can use not the most practical, but eco-friendly options. For example, casein paint is based on protein derived from milk.


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