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Why do you need a shower cabin and which one to choose

Who doesn’t like to shower at all? Showers have been a healthy competitor to conventional baths for almost 20 years. Of course, in the shower, there is no opportunity to take water procedures while lying down. However, compactness, space saving, the ability to take a quick shower, and a number of additional functions – all these positive qualities speak in favor of shower cabins. Order a comfortable walk in shower that allows you to easily step in and out where you can relax after a long and exhausting day at work. An openable door to your shower cabin will save you from injury when you leave this place. Don’t worry about the size, it will fit perfectly into your old one. You can choose a color that will harmoniously fit into your interior. The prices will definitely delight you.

First, think about which walk in shower will suit you best. According to the material from which the components of the cabins are made, they are divided into many types, but according to their design, they can be divided into three main types: shower enclosure, shower cabin, shower box. All varieties can be additionally equipped with a hydromassage device, and the sauna function can also be installed in the box.

The shower cubicle differs from the corner – it has four walls, and the corner cubicle has two walls of its own, and two more are the walls of the bathroom, specially processed for such a cubicle. The shower box is the same 4-walled cubicle in which the built-in bathtub acts as a pallet.

For shower cabin and box, no wall treatment is needed. For all three types, pre-treatment of the floor is necessary, and it must also be leveled.

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