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Financing your project

What if your project is related to the improvement of the site, house, district, etc. and you have nowhere to take financial support?  There are several ways to find good investors and secure funding.

Opportunities to find funding at an early stage of the project are not so few. It is important to understand which ones are right for you, what are their pros and cons.

Condition improvement funding

These are special funds (rambuildingconsultancy.co.uk) that can finance ideas aimed at maintaining healthcare, public safety and other social categories. Applications are open to school and student trusts, alumni and others. Support is provided free of charge, which is suitable for many institutions.

Business angels

Professional or aspiring private investors. They invest personal money – as a rule, in the early stages of project development. You can find the largest of them by googling the rating of business angels. As a rule, they write in their social networks how best to contact them. The rest “live” at startup exhibitions and other thematic events. And here it is important to be able to quickly and efficiently tell about the project.

Exchange of startup shares through options for necessary services

Startup funding is needed to receive certain services that allow it to develop. Why not exclude money from this chain? If you have a strong enough reputation and a promising project, you can always pay with shares in the company.

The method is suitable only for those whom potential contractors or employees can trust one hundred percent.

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