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Coffee table and magazine table – they are so different

Let’s understand what is the difference between a coffee table from thetimberguy.com and a magazine table, and also give tips on the correct choice of materials, sizes and other parameters.


What function should a table perform in the interior? Of course, this is quite versatile furniture, you can put magazines on the coffee table, and a cup with a drink on the magazine table. Determine the primary function: guests come to you and you invite them to the living room instead of the kitchen to chat over a cup of tea or coffee? Or are you relaxing alone reading books and magazines?


The magazine table is usually below the level of upholstered furniture seats. If you come to the living room to read, then it is not difficult to bend down once to a book or magazine. The table usually stands in front of the sofa, at some distance, and should not cover the TV. Coffee tables are always higher than magazine tables, it should be convenient to put a tray, cups, stir sugar on them. When choosing a coffee table, focus primarily on the height of the chairs and sofa.


Image by Jeong Eun Lee from Pixabay

Coffee tables are usually in harmony with the furniture next to which they stand. For example, they are often made of wood of the same breed as the legs of chairs. You can also find models made of artificial stone, plastic. Another important point is that the surface of the countertop should be practical or protected with varnish or oil, the material should not suffer from a hot kettle or accidentally spilled water. Magazine ones are made of glass and transparent plastic.

Table top size

Table top size
Image by Martina Kopecká from Pixabay

The magazine table can be miniature or large enough, depending on how many printed publications you want to store on it. You can also put vases with fruits and flowers on it.

The size of the countertop for a coffee table should be at least 60 centimeters, since it will have to place the dishes.


Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixabay

Historically, coffee tables appeared earlier than magazine tables and were actively decorated: carving and painting, elegant leg shapes, interesting materials for countertops were used.

Magazine tables came to the interior much later and were distinguished by a concise form that did not distract from the content. These options are good for a modern, minimalist or Scandinavian-style living room.


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