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Some tips in planting grapes

Grapes find more and more “fans” every year and confidently enter amateur gardens from Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards on a par with traditional crops. And yet there remains a significant part of people who are distrustful of growing this wonderful crop in their garden. Except of the grapes you can also buy beautiful flowers on Pippin Hill Farm and take part in a Chelsea Flower Show. So what about grapes?

The main issue is winter hardiness

Most of the grape varieties have a winter hardiness range of -25 degrees, although there are deviations to the greater and lesser sides. This indicator is important to take into account when laying industrial vineyards, where initially the wintering of the vine is calculated without removing it from the trellises and without any shelter.

In our own gardens, we most often want to have really delicious, sweet, large grapes that we see on the shelves of the store. Both such grape varieties and hybrid forms suitable for growing in the northern regions already exist, and their number is growing every year.

How to shelter?

Of all the ways to shelter grapes, you can stop at the shelter with a heat-insulating, sound-absorbing and sealing material, which can be bought in hardware stores and construction bases. Use a thickness from 2 mm to 10 mm.

The material is good because it does not pass moisture, partially passes air and keeps heat well. In autumn, it is enough to prune the grape bushes and lay them on the ground. You can put cut ribbons of the same insulation under the bushes.

Then, having rolled out the insulation from above, press its edges with bricks. In the spring, we open the bushes, roll the insulation into rolls and put it away for storage until next autumn.


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