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Butter dish as a beautiful decoration on your table

Butter dish is a work of art made in ceramics. Initially, butter dish was used for storage of butter. The idea is simple – this clay product was to preserve the freshness and nutritional properties of butter without refrigerator. That was centuries ago.

Today, ceramic butter dishes represent a significant cultural and aesthetic value. It serves not for storage (there is a refrigerator in every house) but more for beauty. It’s nice to invite guests into your house and put something unique on the table, no one from your friends have seen such dishes. The art of butter was born in ancient centuries and passed from generation to generation.

Butter dish is a great gift or souvenir. Inexpensive, but at the same time symbolic gift, displays a deep, centuries-old culture. Your guest will admire the butter dish for long evenings, and use it for its intended purpose.

If you have a desire and skills of pottery, you can make an butter dish yourself. You only need a little clay and oven for roasting the finished product. Your imagination is badly needed. After all, the shape and appearance of the butter dish depend on you personally. Ability to paint the surface of the product picturesquely is useful.

Probably many people have an old, forgotten and dusty butter dish in the sideboard at home. Butter is simply stored in a saucer, or in the original packaging. It would have been much nicer to scoop butter out of a beautiful butter dish that your great-grandmother bought at a fair a hundred years ago. It’s a piece of culture we should cherish. After all, those who do not remember their past will not have a future.

A lot has been written about this type of dishes, as an element of the culture of the past years. Do not forget that those who do not have this glamorous thing, can easily buy it in online stores, and in souvenir shops. Let’s live beautifully, because it can not be prohibited. A butter dish is undoubtedly a trifle, but our life consists of trifles. We need to protect our authentic culture, so that there is something to tell our descendants.

Many housewives prefer to store butter in butter dish because butter retains its taste and does not absorb odors from the refrigerator and butter storage is more convenient than in the package.

There are butter dishes with a lid and without it. Decorative butter dishes without lid are suitable only for table setting. Since butter has the property to absorb various odors, the butter dish must be tightly closed with a lid for storage in the refrigerator. This will help to preserve the taste and freshness of the product longer. Pay attention to the presence of a handle on the lid – this is an additional plus. It is much more convenient to open the lid of the butter dish, if there is a handle. A  handle should be comfortable so that you can easily grab it and lift the lid. If the handle on the butter dish is not provided, the lid can slip out of the hands and break if it is a glass or ceramic materials, or bend, crack, if the oiler is made of steel or plastic.

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