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Front doors made of wood are a great decision!

Front wooden doors should fit into the interior of the house. You should choose a variety that is suitable in design, shade, color of fittings and size, for example, Edwardian front door or Victorian front door, without which it will be difficult to achieve organic design. The main advantage of wood is environmental friendliness. In addition, the material is characterized by a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Therefore, in a room with such a door it will be relatively warm. If the choice is made correctly, you can get a solid construction.

In order to increase the resistance of the door to external factors, the surface of the product is covered with paintwork materials, due to which the service life of the material is extended. A wooden sheeting is not so much affected by precipitation, it absorbs moisture less intensely. The dimensions of the wooden structure are no different from the dimensions of a metal product. Wooden structures are often installed in a summer house or apartment taking into account interior design. Products from this material are mounted as the main or auxiliary sheeting. The second option is implemented when it is planned to put two doors. Moreover, one should be made of metal.

It is recommended to install a wooden sheeting on objects where strict requirements to reliability and durability are not imposed. Mandatory elements are gaskets and insulations. It is necessary to perform the external finish of the wooden door, which will additionally contribute to increasing the resistance of the sheeting to external factors.

There is a difference in the wood species used in the production of timber. To implement the best ideas, select a material that is less susceptible to moisture, is durable and wear-resistant.


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