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Criteria for a good craftsman

The sink is clogged, the door creaks, and the TV shows nothing but stripes. For a woman who is not versed in technology and plumbing, this is a real mini-apocalypse.

Search on the Internet and choose handyman south London, who will not only deal with plumbing, but at the same time screw in a couple of light bulbs and hang a ceiling cornice. But how to understand that the master is good? It turns out that today companies offering personal services have a whole list of requirements for such specialists.

Before leaving, he asks clarifying questions

It can be difficult for girls to explain what exactly has broken in the washing machine, to determine the type of pipes that need to be replaced. In order not to have to act according to circumstances and buy the necessary details, it is convenient to take a photo or video of the breakdown and send it to the master of property maintenance south London.

Arrive on time

Nobody likes to wait. If the master warned how long the work will take, what difficulties are possible, and arrived on time, pay attention to him. It will save you time in the future.

Looks neat

Stories of handymen who arrive with a fresh haircut, jumpsuit and fresh T-shirt are hard to believe? Don’t even hesitate. Neat-looking craftsmen with a set of professional tools in a sturdy bag are a reality.

Does a good job

It is better to do it right once than to redo it later, any professional will tell you. This is not only pleasant (you understand what you pay money for), but also helps to save money. It is worth installing the wiring once with high quality, and you can forget about problems with electricity for at least five years.


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