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Cleaning of Facades

Many homeowners are puzzled by the question of how to return to a presentable appearance to house facades. Duoblast.co.uk offers a cardinal way of cleaning them. However, there are other ways, less drastic.

The dirt that settles on the walls of houses is surprisingly diverse. The main problem includes mineral deposits: dust, efflorescence, rust, as well as patina on copper roofs and gutters. Another problem is caused by moss, mold, soot which settle on the walls of houses standing near highways. They are poorly washed off with water.

  • A small one-storey building can be washed independently, using a simple garden hose or a car wash. Still, for the processing of two- and three-storey houses, you already need to contact professionals.
  • Facades of cottages are washed with mini-washes using a cleaning agent supplied at a pressure of about 135 atm. If the contamination is severe, the pressure can be increased to 400-1000 atm., but only if walls are covered with a very durable material.
  • Another service provided by specialists is cleaning by sodablasting. Soda grains are fed into the air stream under pressure. Coming into contact with the wall, they form many micro-explosions that effectively destroy dirt.
  • The most extreme cleaning method is the so-called sandblasting. Air mixed with abrasive particles is applied to the wall surface. This kind of treatment can be dry and wet (with the addition of water). As a rule, people opt for such cleaning in case of badly rusted metal structures and facades of heavily sooty historical buildings.

You just need to assess the scale of contamination and choose a cleaning method.

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