Why do you need pillows for pregnant women

Sleeping on your stomach and back is not an option for pregnant women. But on the side with a big belly, it is not always possible to get comfortable. A pregnancy pillow uk can make the months of pregnancy easier for women who can’t sleep.

Why pregnant women need a special pillow

During pregnancy, the load on the body increases and women may experience back pain, joint pain, pelvic pain, leg cramps, heartburn and sleep apnea. This greatly affects sleep and can cause insomnia. Pain may be aggravated by walking and turning over in bed.

Since pregnant women cannot take sleeping pills and painkillers, you can try special pillows. They help relieve pain, heartburn, leg cramps. In addition, the pillows prevent accidental rollovers and allow you to lie comfortably on your side.

How to choose a pillow for pregnant women

Choosing a comfortable pillow for sleeping can be not so easy: until you sleep on it, you won’t know how good it is. Here are the most common types of pillows.

  • C-shaped. Supports the back or stomach (depending on the position). Keeps the legs parallel to each other and takes pressure off the hips and pubic bone. Supports the neck and aligns it with the back.
  • U-shaped. Supports the back and stomach equally as well as the neck. Keeps legs and hips parallel to each other.
  • Wedge-shaped. Supports a specific area, such as under the abdomen, behind the back, or between the knees. Prevents rolling onto your back during sleep.

Before buying, think about how you usually sleep and what inconveniences there are. For example, if you constantly roll over on your back, it is better to take a C-shaped pillow, and if you like to sleep without pillows and blankets, a wedge-shaped one will be enough.

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