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Aspects You Should Know While Choosing A Countertop For Your Kitchen

The countertop in the kitchen is the most important place in the work area for the hostess. This surface is exposed to hot steam, splashes of moisture and various cleaning chemicals. Therefore, it is important to choose the right thickness and surface material of this element and some other important properties. The resource kitchendesigncentersc.com will willingly become your assistant while choosing a countertop.

5 properties that the countertop should have by default

6 properties that the countertop should have
Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

Before reviewing the materials, let’s outline the general requirements for a kitchen countertop. It should be:

  1. Solid. Any kind of countertops for the kitchen must withstand heavy dishes, which people sometimes put with all their strength.
  2. Resistant to heating and cooling. If the hostess does not hesitate to put a pack of frozen vegetables on the work surface or puts a baking tray of pies right off the stove, she has a good countertop.
  3. Not prone to burn out in the sun.
  4. Resistant to moisture, so that you don’t have to wipe water splashes from the surface every now and then.
  5. Unpretentious in care. Ideally, the pores of the working surface do not absorb odors, and dirt is easily removed from it.

When choosing a countertop, be sure to ask:

When choosing a countertop
Image by IdaT from Pixabay
  • if there is an option for warranty service; for example, polishing scratches;
  • what the weight of the finished product will be, if you will need to strengthen the lower section of the headset;
  • if there are any special means to care for this material: gentle cleaning compounds, oils;
  • how much money you pay in the end, including the countertop itself, cutting and sawing holes, delivery and installation of the product.

And, of course, do not fail to take a look at the product quality certificate. An honest dealer will not evade the answer and will be happy to provide this document.

So, when choosing a countertop, it is necessary:

beautiful exhibition sample
Image by Connoman from Pixabay
  • first, you should not give in to the first emotional impulse and be tempted by a beautiful exhibition sample. A brand new is one thing, because it is a favorably illuminated product in all its splendor. A tabletop which is actively used by the whole family is quite another thing.
  • second, it is not worth saving on this purchase. The rule “the miser pays twice” applies here. There are no eternal countertops, but there are durable ones.

Choose your countertop, which will serve you regularly year after year maintaining a presentable appearance!


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