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What are fascias and soffits?

The fascia and soffit boards can be found running horizontally along the edge of the roof.
Guttering is attached to the fascia and the under board is soffit. Both offer roofline protection against the weather, however, over time they become rotten and damaged.

Customers upgrading their rooflines install upvc roofline boards due to their durability and guarantee. Upvc requires no varnishing or painting and is guaranteed against rotting, discolouring and cracking. Furthermore replacement upvc fascias and soffits provide ventilation to a roof space.

There’s companies that install fascias and soffits, although, installers have their own installation methods and products, therefore, it’s worth obtaining several quotes. If you’re looking for a full replacement roofline, ensure the fitters will be removing the old materials and not just covering them.

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