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How to comfortably equip a men’s recreation area in the house

Every man dreams of his cave. A place where he could relax with friends, drink beer, watch a movie. Or just relax after a hard day’s work.

First of all, find a place. It can be a whole room or a small part of the room. It should be a safe room, large enough to accommodate guests. There should be good ventilation and climate control, because you are going to use your cave all year round.

Choose a style and color

First of all, decide with style and color. It can be an industrial solution, a rustic or just a men’s space. Choose your favorite colors and shades or just make a manly dark room. Many men and boys prefer bold colors: red, neon. Such a choice is uplifting. If you choose neutral colors, you can add bright man cave accessories.

Decide what you want

Think about the entertainment you would like to see and the furniture you need. If you are a fan of video games, then you will need comfortable chairs, armchairs, sofas and screens with game consoles. If you are fond of watching football, then put a sofa and hang a large TV, place branded beer fridges with beer or drinks next to it. Most of the men’s rooms have billiard tables, chess or tennis tables. You can be able to place all of the above. And don’t forget about the bar.

Add personality

Create a cozy atmosphere and add your personal interests. Place here a collection of sports T-shirts that you collected or won. A guitar, a collection of figurines. In general, post here your collections or photos that you think are cool. Create something that will make the room your personal. Show it, because such strokes give the space your character and show you. Get inspired!

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