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It is very easy to rent a private jet Warsaw to fly on business trip, if you have enough funds in your account.

When to book a private jet?

The booking procedure is simple, you just need to fill out an application for a flight, sign the necessary documents and pay for the aircraft. At the same time, it is not necessary to plan a flight for a month or two. You can leave even 2.5 hours after the order. It all depends on the technical support of the aircraft and the readiness of the crew to get to the airport.

Airport procedures

Passport control for VIP clients is not much different from a similar procedure in economy class: document verification, luggage scanner, metal detector frame. Departure is carried out through the VIP terminal. It is enough for a business jet passenger to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure.

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Air Crew

In most cases, the crew consists of a captain, a co-pilot and a flight attendant. There are two key requirements here:

  1. the pilot must have a permit for a specific type of aircraft,
  2. the crew must have experience working on the aircraft on which the flight is carried out.

Conditions on board the aircraft

Special attention is paid to nutrition on board. Usually, the company budgets €150-200 for it.

Smoking on private planes is also possible. If the owner and the airline allow, the passenger can smoke directly in the cabin. There is good ventilation and good care for the cabin in such aircraft.

Internet is perfect.

Possible clients

VIP aviation services are used in various cases. These can be business trips on business issues, sports team flights to competitions, family vacations, weddings, motivational trips for company employees or star tours. On average, a business aviation company organizes from 60 to 100 flights per month.

In general, the VIP plane is designed for 5-19 passengers. Starting from 19 people, a group charter is already required. This can already be both a VIP jet and a rented economy or business class plane. The average aircraft is designed for eight people. Planes with two cabins are also very popular.

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How the cost is formed?

The cost of the flight is formed from the needs of the client. Basically, all wishes are related to food and directly to the aircraft. It should be new and as comfortable as possible. When calculating the price of a business jet, managers take into account several factors.

  • First, the type of aircraft: the larger it is, the more expensive it will cost to rent.
  • Second, the flight route: the more hours you fly, the more profitable the price of an hour is.
  • The quantity of passengers and the number of days of parking.

Emergency situations

Issues with the technical malfunction of the aircraft caused by weather conditions are under the control of the crew. They make decisions independently. If the flight has to be canceled for non-technical reasons, most of the costs are borne by passengers. By the way, one can change the flight route only if it is a passenger’s personal plane and personal crew.

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