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Why do You Need a Vacuum Sealer in the Kitchen

Of course, a person cannot live without air, but cooking and storing food without it turns out just fine! Why is a vacuum sealer included in the main kitchen tools?


As you know, oxygen is the source of life on earth, but with the help of vacuuming, we literally “block oxygen” for bacteria and stop their life in products. And this means that vacuum-packed herbs, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and bread will remain fresh much longer, retaining their taste, health benefits and quality. And you can store them both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, and pastries even at room temperature. That is why the vacuum sealer can become an indispensable appliance in the kitchen.

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In conditions of low oxygen levels, products marinate remarkably, moreover, vacuum enhances the taste of the marinade, as oxidation processes slow down. It is enough to marinate meat or fish with your favorite herbs and spices, and then vacuum the product. The cooked dish will marinate evenly with a richer taste and aroma than usual.


If you usually don’t have enough time to cook, you can take care of yourself in advance: divide the food into portions – this can be sliced ​​cheese or sausages, butchered fish, ready-made cereal for breakfast, a slice of your favorite lasagna or even soup! Remove the air from the bag with a vacuum sealer and store it – so you always have the right amount of product at hand. This will significantly extend its shelf life and preserve the taste. To reheat foods, they must be taken out of the vacuum packaging.

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Also, with the help of a vacuum sealer, it is possible to re-seal an open original package, for example, a bag of chips or coffee beans, for which open contact with oxygen is undesirable.

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