Do You Need to Buy an Electric Scooter?

Recently, the concept of “mobility” has become the motto not only of telephone communication, but also of means of transportation. Now you can spend 3-5 hours a day in traffic jams. And this is already half a working day. Let’s see, is it worth buying it?

Advantages of electric scooter

The idea of purchasing a scooter has many positive aspects.

Saving money

Let’s start with the most important argument when purchasing an electric scooter. It’s saving money on transportation costs.

Electric scooter vs car

If you compare it with traveling by car, then you will save a lot of money on gasoline, because electricity is much cheaper. In addition, if you do not have a car, then the s9pro electric scooter will cost you less.

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Electric scooter vs public transport

Here, money savings are also observed. It all depends on the city and country of residence, as well as how far you are from the usual places of your stay.

Time saving

As they say, time is money, and money must be able to count. How long does it take a resident of a big city to travel from his place of residence to work and back? That’s right, it’s better not to even talk about it. Due to traffic jams, a distance of 20 km can turn into 3 hours, even by car, even by public transport. The owners of the iSinwheel electric scooter cannot bother on this topic.

Mobility and manoeuvrability

If we consider the city, then the s9max electric scooter has no equal in its mobility. By electric scooter you can get to almost anywhere bypassing traffic jams and choosing the most direct way. He can drive along the narrowest street without slowing down.

Due to its small dimensions and the ability to quickly fold it, scooters also have no equal.

Yes, and scooters on electric traction weigh a little. The lightest and do fit in 6-8 kg. Those electric scooters that are included in the average weight category have a weight of 8 to 16 kg.

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Disadvantages of electric scooter

  • High cost of good electric scooters

The more advanced scooter you choose in terms of design features, the more expensive it will be.

  • Weather dependence and seasonality

In bad weather, it’s not that uncomfortable, but unsafe to ride this vehicle. The electric scooter has sacrificed its independence from the weather in favour of mobility.

In addition, due to the low temperature conditions in winter, the scooter has become a seasonal mode of transport.

  • Not adapted to off-road

Also, disadvantage of the electric scooter due to its compactness and mobility is low cross-country ability. This type of transport is definitely not suitable (with rare exceptions) for off-road driving.

Electric scooter is an excellent means of transportation on city streets in conditions of traffic jams and ecology. It can be used not only for moving from home to work and back, but also for family walks, various excursions.

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