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How to Choose High-quality Timber

Timber is a very generic name. This is basically everything that can be made from wood for subsequent use in construction, repair, decoration and other design purposes. This general concept includes a board with a lining, and a sheet pile with a block house, and a bar with a plat-band, and even a skirting board.

Types of wood
Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Types of wood

The appearance of timber and its quality are determined, of course, not only by the technology used in processing, but also by the initial quality of raw materials. The grade of wood matters. That is why people often select coniferous wood as construction timber. It is strong enough, slightly susceptible to rotting and at the same time, affordable. Experts also use hardwoods like aspen, linden and alder for construction. An oak wood is perfect in all respects, but it is too expensive.  Larch, by the way, is much stronger than its coniferous counterparts, since there is an order of magnitude more resin in it. In addition, it does not rot, and is not afraid of water, and even burns with difficulty.

Important nuances

There are not so many items in the list of important points that you should pay special attention to when choosing timber. You can handle the task yourself if you know what to look at. Good timber should be:

  • smooth and with a minimum of knots;
  • have, if possible, a natural uniform shade;
  • the existing knots should not fall out of wood, forming holes, but should be well sanded;
  • there should be no cracks on the width, both longitudinal and transverse;
  • the lumber should not have traces of scorching, burning, rot or fungus.;
  • the wood should be dry and dense.
Important nuances
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By the way, if you somewhat mistrust your own powers in timber selection, contact the professionals on the website https://vetralandtimber.london/. They can help you find the right timber.

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