When Does A Dog Need A Haircut?

A good owner knows that proper nutrition and regular walks are the minimum that a pet needs. Careful and proper care of teeth, ears, claws and, of course, the pet’s hair is necessary. Designer Paws experts are sure that haircut and grooming for dogs should become an integral part of caring.

Experts are also convinced that there should be no unpleasant odors, sounds that unnerve animals in a decent beauty salon for dogs. Each employee of such a salon has extensive work experience and proper education in cynology. It should be comfortable for both pets and their owners. While the dog is undergoing procedures, the owner is able to pick up accessories or hygiene products for the pet. Thus, the wait flies by pleasantly and unnoticeably.

brown and black yorkshire terrier puppy on brown textile
Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

Dog grooming experts are always ready to meet your pet and you. Specialists may refuse to make a haircut for your dog only in case of obvious signs of your pet’s illness, if you are unable to present a certificate confirming the opposite.

Advantages of a decent beauty salon for dogs:

  • You will not be ashamed of your pet. After visiting the salon, you can go directly to the dog show.
  • Experts do not save on beauty products using expensive cosmetics of elite brands.
  • There are bonuses and cumulative discounts for regular customers. There are affordable prices for servicing all breeds.
  • You can watch the haircut without disturbing the master. Thus, you are sure that your pet will definitely not be taken away in an unknown direction.
  • Painkillers are not used during a haircut, because such injections harm the health of the animal. Professionalism of experts and sincere love for animals are the best anesthetics. As a result, the dogs run with joy to such professionals.
  • A dog grooming salon is not just the provision of grooming services. You can get expert advice about your dog from professionals.
  • Experienced specialists know how to remove aggression and conduct a successful pet haircut.
Image by Harvey Chan from Pixabay

Experts advise to start making haircut for the dog at the age of 5-6 months. The frequency of the procedure depends on the texture of the hair, its density and length. For soft-haired breeds, you should visit the salon at least once every 4-7 weeks, for hard-haired breeds, visits once every 8-10 weeks are enough.


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