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Sweden became the first country where stretch ceiling began to be popular in the 1960s. Then other European countries picked up the fashion, and then the whole world. Now stretch ceilings are widely used in private homes. They are also easy to find in commercial premises. They are in shops, museums and medical institutions.

Stretch ceilings are considered an excellent way to hide flaws left by home builders. This type of ceiling is particularly popular among interior designers, since stretch ceilings are the best combination with all modern design delights.

The masters of installing stretch ceilings offer a rich assortment: more than 150 colours and textures, photo printing. Stretch ceilings help to create a cosy and aesthetic interior.

kitchen with stretching ceiling
Photo by Lotus Design N Print on Unsplash

How to choose a stretch ceiling?

When choosing a stretch ceiling, you should pay attention to some nuances.

  1. Before measuring the room, determine the material, type, colour, texture and, of course, the manufacturer. Stretch ceilings are made of fabric or PVC. The matte surface of the stretch ceiling helps to create a calm atmosphere in the room, absorbs bright light and eliminates reflective effects. It will not become unusable from humidity and dust, and is resistant to temperature drop. The undoubted advantage of stretch ceilings is their environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness and durability in operation.
  2. As for the colour scheme of the ceiling, it is better to choose a stretch film from a beige, white, light blue or egg yellow palette. Ceilings with patches of dark canvases will look original. Bright and flashy colours are absolutely not welcome in this case. The use of photo printing will also make it possible to emphasize the style favorably. A beautiful floral ornament or a painting by a famous artist can be applied to the canvas.
  3. If the ceilings are low enough in the room, it is worth giving preference to not too bulky drawings. Otherwise, the ceiling will visually get even closer to the floor, which will create an unpleasant oppressive atmosphere. In such cases, it is better to choose simple geometric patterns or floral arrangements that will be located around the perimeter of the ceiling or only in the corners.
  4. The glossy effect is provided only thanks to the polyvinyl chloride film. Such ceilings are recommended for bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, or low or narrow rooms. They do not allow moisture to pass through, have strong fire resistance, therefore, lamps are easily mounted in them.
  5. You should also decide on the type of ceiling, since they come in two types: seam or seamless. For example, on a fabric basis, the seams will be invisible, and by choosing a PVC film, you can disguise the “stitches”.
  6. Before purchasing a ceiling, you should ask if the product is certified by the seller, as well as whether there is an appropriate label on the package. If there is no such data, it is better to look for something more reliable, since the quality of the ceiling depends primarily on the impeccable material and the availability of the necessary fittings.
room design
Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

To create a stylish interior, you can use wooden panels installed on top of a stretched canvas. These can be beams made of dark or light wood. This solution is recommended to be used only in rooms with high ceilings. It is recommended to divide the ceiling area into squares. This can be done not only with the help of wooden frames, but also with the use of carved ceilings. In this case, the ceiling will look good, in which a light solid base is combined with a brown perforated bottom cloth.

An important element of the interior is the lighting of the ceiling. Hanging rich chandeliers or lighting fittings in which lamps are stylized as candles will look appropriate here. In more modern English interiors, the use of built-in lamps and LED strip is allowed. A properly designed stretch ceiling will bring a touch of sophistication, refinement and harmony to the interior.

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