How To Help Your Child To Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleep is important for a child to relax the mind and body after a busy day. Even children have trouble sleeping well at times. There are many things you could do to help your kid if he or she is struggling to get a good night’s sleep regularly.

Encourage your child to go to bed at the same time every day. Primary schooling kids require at least 10-12 hours of sleep a night, and it is good to get into the same bedtime routine every night. If there is a babysitter or other family members taking care of your child, ask them to stick to the same routine as you.

Your awareness of what your child eats and drinks in the afternoons or evenings is important. Cola drinks can keep your child awake. Milk is a good thing to drink just before your child goes to sleep. Also, you should encourage the child to go to the toilet before going to bed.

Let your child get some fresh air during the day. He or she doesn’t have to participate in any sport to get fresh air. In fact, just going outside is even enough to get fresh air. Make sure the child has his/her dinner at least one hour before bedtime. It is a good idea if your child can avoid watching TV and using phones/tablets for a while before going to bed.

Some parents find that teeth cleaning followed by a shower or bath and getting their pajamas on help the child sleep better at night. On the other hand, reading a story or having a quiet talk about the day also work well for some people. Make sure to praise your kid if he or she sticks to the routine and gets read to sleep without a fuss.

The bedroom should have an ideal temperature – not too hot or cold. Put a nightlight if your kid prefers some light or a dark curtain if he/she doesn’t want light. Once you turn off the lights, the house should feel like a boring place for your child.  Their bedroom should be tidy and have plenty of storage for toys. Find the best rated online furniture brands to furnish their room. They should learn that nighttime is quiet and good only for sleeping.

Some people find it helpful to have a phrase that they repeat to their kids every night. For example, “good night, sleep tight, see you in the morning” is a good phrase to repeat. Make sure to repeat this bedtime phrase to your kid every night so that he or she knows that they have reached the end of the day and it is time to sleep.

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